Research economist.

Professional affiliations

Research Fellow, School of Economics and CEPAR, University of News South Wales, Sydney
Snr. Research Associate (Finance), University of Sydney Business School

Research Associate, Center for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis, Australian National University

Research areas

Core research focuses on macroeconomic theory, endogenous growth theory and dynamic optimisation theory and computation. Particular interest in high-dimensional, non-compact and non-convex control problems and distributed algorithms on supercomputers.

Work on broader more applied papers in structural econometrics, education economics, pension finance, energy, prediction markets and electricity markets. To quote Frank H. Clarke, "all is one".


Email: akshay dot shanker at me dot com
GitHub: https://github.com/akshayshanker 

Working papers

- Play for the rich and work for the poor? The optimal distribution of saving and work in the heterogeneous agents neoclassicalo growth model [with Martin Wolf][Submitted][Older version with complete mathematical proofs is here]
- Existence of recursive constrained optima in the heterogeneous agent neoclassical growth model
- Energy Intensity, directed technological change and economic growth [with David Stern]

Research in progress

- Stability of electricity spot markets with intermittent energy and battery storage [with Chandra Krishnamurthy and David Stern]
- Retirement eggs and baskets [with Bateman, Dobrescu, Thorp and Newell]
- The power of knowing a woman is in-charge: lessons from an RCT [with Isabella Dobrescu and Alberto Motta][Submitted]
- Having your cake and eating it too: Lagrange multipliers for coercive problems 
- Computing dynamic models with adjustment frictions and discrete choices using sufficient Euler equations [with Isabella Dobrescu]

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